Lehigh Valley Health Network Via Marathon Race Weekend: September 10 & 11, 2016 | Allentown, PA
Race Weekend: September 10 & 11, 2016 | Allentown, PA
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Fundraising Headquarters

Sending Emails & Letters

Letter writing and email campaigns are the easiest and most effective way to raise money! It’s been said that people don’t give to organizations – they give to people. Your email should include:

  • Why you are running, walking or volunteering – If you have a connection with Via or the world of disability, discuss how this has affected your life and the lives of your family and friends.
  • Ask everyone you know – the worst they can say is no.
  • Say thank you – whether someone says yes or no, either acknowledge their generosity and support, or you can leave the door open for next year.
  • Tell them your fundraising goal and aim high!
  • Provide some facts about Via and the services they provide. Have them visit www.ViaNet.org to read about Via’s success stories.

Use the Email tools in your Fundraising Headquarters to raise more money (with less effort and no stamps!) Log into your Headquarters and click on Email.

Each email sent from your Headquarters will include a link to your personal fundraising page making it easy to receive online donations!

Sample Emails
Don’t know how to get started? Here are some sample emails:

  • I’m walking/running/volunteering for our (son/daughter, name). You can help Via provide vital services for families that face the challenges of disabilities every day.  Hundreds of people rely on Via so they can be independent, productive and enjoy full lives within the community.  With your help, Via will continue to provide a future and create success for the child and adults they serve.  Please click here (personal page URL) to read my reason for walking/running/volunteering. Thank you so much!

  • Please help me make a difference! I’m walking/running/volunteering to celebrate our (son/daughter) who has made incredible strides this year.  Please visit my personal page (personal page URL) to make a donation today!

  • This year, I'll be participating in the Lehigh Valley Health Network Via Marathon in September.  The proceeds from this event benefit Via, a non-profit organization that provides services for children and adults with disabilities.   I have agreed to raise $200 in support of Via and I need your help.  Please consider your most generous gift today.  Click on the link for my web page (personal page URL) to make a donation online.

Sample Letters

Dear Friends and Family,

Sample Letters
Sample Letters

It’s hard to believe that another year has passed. In just a few short weeks, my family and I will walk to raise money for Via of the Lehigh Valley.  We have been a part of the Via Family for more than eight years, when our son, Tyler first started therapy with Via.

We are very appreciative of the dedication that Via has poured into working with our son Tyler. Truthfully, when Via arrived in Tyler’s life, there was very little our 4-month old son could accomplish. His days were spent lying on his back either having seizures or recovering from the seizure’s nasty effects.

Our physical therapist from Via, Annette, worked endless sessions with Tyler. Our goal for Tyler was for him be able to walk one day, something his doctors couldn’t promise us. In a three year period, Annette took him from sitting, to crawling, to standing and finally to walking.

I remember asking her if Tyler was ever going to be able to walk. Without hesitation, she said yes! She explained that children who can do these early tasks can usually go on to accomplish walking. What hope this gave us! Because she believed, we believed.

Tyler is now 8 years old and finishing up 3rd grade. He has been seizure free for 6 years and is doing better than doctors every thought. Some said he would never walk… he is now running and jumping! He is also able to hit a baseball off a tee, use pencils and crayons, turn pages in his own books, feed himself, and play several sports and musical instruments. Via helped us when we needed it most, we don’t know where Tyler would be today if Via didn’t come into our home at that crucial time.

Now I’m asking for your help. Help me reach my fundraising goal. I can’t do it alone. I need you. Help me fight for Tyler, to give him the future that he deserves, that any child deserves.

To donate online, click on this link:

With much love and gratitude,
Rebecca and Steve Cusack

Dear (Insert Name),

This year, I'm participating in the Via Marathon.

I'll walk (or run, or volunteer) with hundreds of other men, women and children for Via of the Lehigh Valley, a non-profit organization that provides services for children and adults with disabilities. Via provides therapeutic services for children, employment solutions for adults and helps people live a life of significance in the community. 

Everyone deserves the opportunity to succeed and through your support, Via provides opportunities and resources every day for children and adults with disabilities. Via is committed to a mission of success for the people they serve, but they can’t do it without our help.

I have chosen to participate because (insert your personal reasons for walking or running).

I've agreed to raise at least (insert your dollar goal). So I need your help. Please make a donation today: (insert personal webpage).

The opportunity to succeed for each child and adult begins with you. Just complete the information below and return the form to me with your donation.

In Appreciation,
(Insert Your Name)

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Yes! I’m happy to support your efforts for the Via Marathon.

You can count on me for:  $25 $25    $50 $50    $75 $75    $100 $100  Other Other $___________

_____ Cash     _______Check (Made payable to Via Events, Inc.)

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