Lehigh Valley Health Network Via Marathon Race Weekend: September 10 & 11, 2016 | Allentown, PA
Race Weekend: September 10 & 11, 2016 | Allentown, PA
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Fundraising Headquarters

Fundraising Checklist

Fundraising Checklist
  • Set up your own Personal Fundraising Webpage

  • Set a fundraising goal.

  • Set a “people” goal if you are building a team.

  • Register all of your team members - even children.

  • Involve your company/employer.

  • Hang a poster at your office and stuff your office mailboxes with a flyer and a copy of your Fundraising Letter.

  • Encourage all team members to be active fundraisers for Via.

  • Email or call team members regularly to answer questions and check on their progress.

  • Create team t-shirts, buttons or banner to increase your visibility on Event Day.

  • Share posters with others.

  • Put an article in your company’s newsletter or send a mass email.

  • Fundraise, Fundraise, Fundraise!

  • Walk, run, volunteer or donate!