Race Day Transportation

Transportation is provided BEFORE and AFTER the race.  Runners have the option to park at the Start or Finish lines.

Pre-Race Transportation & Parking

Pre-Race shuttles run in the morning from the Finish to the Start of the Marathon and Half Marathon.  Pre-Race Transportation & Parking Details

Post-Race Transportation

Marathon: Shuttle buses will be available between 10 am and 2pm from the Finish Festival in Easton, PA back to the Marathon Start at J. B. Crum Stadium in Allentown, PA.

Half Marathon: Shuttle buses will be available between 9am and 12pm from the finish line back to the Half Marathon Start at Main Street and West Walnut Street in Bethlehem, PA.

Team Relay

Relay Teams are responsible for their own transportation.  Directions are available in the Athlete Guide and under Driving Directions.  They include instructions for directions and parking information for exchange points.

Typically, Relay Teams caravan along the course as a team.  They start by dropping their first runner at the starting line and then driving to the first exchange.  The Relay Team caravan drops off their next runner and waits to pick up their incoming runner.  They then drive to the next leg to pick up their next team member and so on until the end.

SAG Transport

Transportation for any runners who are no longer able to complete the race but are not in need of medical attention, will be available.  Runners should notify water station volunteers that they are in need of transport.  Transportation will be dispatched to your location and transport you to the finish line.

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