Lehigh Valley Health Network Via Marathon Race Weekend: September 10 & 11, 2016 | Allentown, PA
Race Weekend: September 10 & 11, 2016 | Allentown, PA
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Alysha Flynn

Photo by Rick Sweitzer

Alysha Flynn, owner of LiveWELLMomz, LLC a virtual fitness team, learned that she was pregnant after she and 24 of her members signed up to run the 2017 LVHN Via Marathon – and that she would be 20 weeks along on race day.

Some would have been daunted, but Flynn saw this as a unique opportunity. She reached out to race organizers to discuss the possibility of having a gender reveal at the finish line. “It was the first request of its kind that we’d ever received, but we knew right away we wanted to help,” said Alexis Zydyk, Events Manager for Via of the Lehigh Valley. Flynn worked with Via’s staff to organize the reveal, and when she and her husband crossed the finish line after running their 26.2 miles, a sea of blue balloons rose to greet them. Shortly thereafter, they were greeted by their family, friends and the LiveWELLMomz team.

“I’m a strong believer that shared experiences bring out the best out in people. It wasn’t just the 24 members of my team who were inspired and motivated by the VIA Marathon Event, it was everyone around us. It created a ripple effect. We are all part of one great big community and that’s the bigger picture. LiveWELLMomz will all be back again next year. Stronger, faster, and more determined than ever to be part of the event that gives back so much to our communities,” says Alysha of LIVEWELLMomz.