From Runners

“What I liked SO much about this marathon is that it was clearly a course designed by a runner FOR runners.  The shade covering 80-90% of the course was GREAT!  It saved me from wilting in the sun at the end, and I chopped a full 14 minutes off of my PR, letting me qualify for Boston for the first time.”

“Amazing race. Super flat, mostly shade, and very easy for spectators. The relay places make for excellent locations for the spectators to go see you multiple times, and the race packet provides stellar instruction getting from place to place. Ran 12 minutes faster than my goal, and my last mile was my fastest by 40 seconds. Never expected to finish so strong, and qualify for Boston in my first marathon ever. Can’t wait to make this an annual thing.”

“Your marathon was my 39th and is one of the best I’ve run.  The course, the support and the post-race area were all a cut above the norm.  Congratulations!  I have little doubt this event will evolve to be a household name marathon in our area.”

“This is my 8th Marathon and it was by FAR the best-run one I have yet done.  I’ve done Marine Corps twice, Virginia Beach, Grandma’s, Twin Cities, San Francisco, and Big Sur.”

“One of the best organized events I’ve been to this year (and I race a lot). I LOVED the large number of volunteers with the giant orange fingers pointing the way.”

“Thanks for a wonderful experience.  Next to the Corning, NY Wineglass Marathon and the NYC marathon, this was the best marathon that I’ve run. “

“Great race!!  Very well done.  I have been running in races for years and can’t remember such a well run and enjoyable event.”

“Many other marathons seem to have their courses designed by “road block” planners/traffic clerks with little appreciation of what takes really to run a course – they tend to just cram some more distance into an area and try to minimize the number of roads blocks needed. This marathon was SO different.  The whole course really fit a single vision of an excellent course and stuck to it.  Very well done!  See you all next year.”

“I wanted to thank you and your team of volunteers who were absolutely marvelous.  They were all so helpful along the way and were so encouraging.  We stopped at every water station to take a break and to stretch so we chatted to so many of them.  Super folks.  It could not have been a more perfect day.  The weather was stunning and the course was so beautiful.  It took our minds off our injuries and really helped us through.  We will start training, when we can again, for next year!”

“Best course I have ever been on. Beautiful scenery, excellent running surface, tremendous support staff.  Never had a better time (better running times on marathons, but not a better time overall).  Really felt more like a half marathon despite my lack of preparation.”

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