Sending Out Emails

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How do I send out emails through my personal Fundraising HQ?
  • From your Participant Center, click on the Emails Tab along the top.
  • Select an email template or create your own email to solicit, recruit or thank friends, family or co-workers.
  • Then, customize one of the existing email templates or compose a new message.
  • Add or import a list of contacts. You can import contacts directly from and email service.
  • Set recipients & click Next.
  • Preview your email & send!
  • It’s best to send out emails through your Participant Center. Not only do they automatically include a link to your Web Page, you can pull an email report later to see how people responded.
Where can I see all the emails that I have sent during my fundraising campaign?

Log into your Participant Center. Click on the Email tab and click on the Sent button along the right-hand side of the page. The record of emails sent will be reflected.

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